A successful year is drawing to a close

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American premiere – High-performance vacuum unit Made in Germany

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Anywhere, anytime – onsite Test Box for LSS helmets

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Review and outlook – Edelhoff 2012 and 2013

Review and outlook – Edelhoff 2012 and 2013

Dear business associates, Edelhoff can look back at a good year full of challenges.

The parent firm in Germany has not only expanded the customer base in Europe; our technologies are also highly valued in Asia and the Middle East. We see that safe working practice is becoming an increasingly important issue in these regions, where customers are putting their trust in Edelhoff Life Support Systems with the safe Edelhoff anti-panic helmet.

Edelhoff USA is continually growing and has significantly expanded its business across the continent. Alongside constructing and marketing catalyst handling technologies, such as Life Support Systems and dense loading machines, Edelhoff USA has specialized in the construction of large-volume LSS monitoring trailers, which are employed by renowned US service companies in the field of catalyst handling. They have also successfully entered the vacuum unit business “German Technology for America”.

Dense loading: We are pleased to note that a growing number of customers are renting and employing our Edelhoff dense loading machines on a long-term basis. This method has been established for a good ten years in Europe, and interest in our method grew enormously in other parts of the world in 2012.

LSS 2020: Customers who employ our Life Support System have a system that satisfies the highest quality and safety standards, with European CE certification. You can rest assured that your LSS is not only manufactured at high technical quality, but will also be carefully cleaned, tested and serviced regularly at our workshop.

Developments: Our engineering department has developed new bulk goods technologies and is continually optimizing our proven catalyst technologies. You can ask us about anything at any time or present us with your ideas, so that we can continue to develop along with you.

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