Breathing Protection Systems

LSS Life Support Systems have been used worldwide for more than 30 years. LSS are needed whenever people must be supplied with breathable air. Three independent supply lines including voice radio, and a breathing protection helmet which cannot be removed uncontrollably – this is the safety concept of NASA. We offer you all components from one source:

  • Integral breathing protection helmet with anti-panic lock and triple air supply for the user
  • ntegrated communication system between user, control station and security staff
  • State-of-the-art gas measuring technology
  • LSS trailer for the simultaneous use by up to five users
  • Camera and DVD recorder
  • Breathing protection equipment such as gas protection suits, gas protection masks and cooling jackets

State-of-the-art gas monitoring is mandatory in refineries. We classify two types of monitoring:

Our LSS offers full protection when working in vessels/columns/reactors by continuous measurements, documentation and warning signals with appropriate sensors for hydrocarbons and O2/N2 atmospheres.

Creeping gases with explosive character may occur anywhere. They may be released unintentionally during revision works when maintaining the systems. Our personal warning devices send out early warning signals giving enough time to leave the danger zone.

Camera, video and DVD documentation have become an integral part in industrial sectors. Our systems are particularly suitable for recording system revisions and pipeline inspections, container approvals and also approvals for the reassembly and filling of containers in non-breathable atmospheres.